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Par-Max 2.9 Water System Pumps  
Par-Max 2.9 Water System Pumps 
Par-Max 2.9 Water System Pumps
The 2.9 Water System Pumps are designed for vessels requiring a smooth flow, 12 or 24 volt DC pump at an attractive price. These pumps are internally grounded, three chamber diaphragm on-demand pumps with the performance characteristics to match the needs of a typical vessel with a shower, water heater and up to three faucets. The larger models offer 2.9 GPM (10.9LPM), are fitted with a built-in pulsation dampening by-pass to control unwanted cycling and noise.
- Self-priming up to 6 - 10ft (2 - 3mtrs).
-Dry running
-Soft rubber mounts
-Corrosion resistant
-Complies with ISO 8846 MARINE (Ignition Protection)
-Low noise
-Less pulsation in the flow
-Screw-less diaphragm design eliminates possible leak paths
-Distinctive style
-Can eliminate the requirement for an accumulator tank

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