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  Water Pressure Systems

Par-Max 7.0 Water System Pumps  
Par-Max 7.0 Water System Pumps 
Par-Max 7.0 Water System Pumps
The Par-Max 7.0 GPM (26.5 LPM) water pressure system pump provides exceptional flow and consistent water pressure to easily handle the 
demand of multiple outlets at one time. When onboard appliances are activated, the built in bypass design re-circulates back pressure into the 
pump to reduce cycling resulting in a quieter and smoother flow.
-Low noise
-Dry running
-Distinctive style
-Soft rubber mounts
-Corrosion resistant
-Less pulsation in the flow
- Self-priming up to 6 - 10ft (2 - 3mtrs)
-Complies with ISO 8846 MARINE (Ignition Protection)
-Screw-less diaphragm design eliminates possible leak paths
-Can eliminate the requirement for an accumulator tank

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