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  Water Pressure Systems

Dual Max VSD Water System  
Dual Max VSD Water System 
Dual Max VSD Water System
The Dual Max VSD combines a smooth flowing VSD Water System Pump with a Par-Max 4 to provide up to 8 gallons per minute when 
demand increases. The VSD Pump with its variable speed motor provides smooth even flow as needed for several outlets. If demand 
exceeds the VSD’s normal operating range the Par-Max 4 kicks in to add enough additional flow to accommodate as many as 7 outlets. 
-No need for an accumulator
-Self-priming up to 10ft (3mtrs)
-Unique constant water pressure
-Constant flow for even hot water mix
-Diaphragm design allows extended dry running
-VSD Pump is electronically controlled for variable flow
-Complies with USCG 183.410 and ISO 8846 MARINE(Ignition Protection)
-Thermal overload protection automatically stops motor should it overheat due to overload, with auto re-start feature