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SeaStar Kicker Cable Tie Bar  
SeaStar Kicker Cable Tie Bar 

SeaStar Kicker Cable Tie Bar
This new SeaStar product allows a user to manually steer an auxiliary engine (kicker motor) using their existing SeaStar hydraulic steering system. Today this is accomplished with a variety of solid mechanical linkages between the main engine and the auxiliary engine. SeaStar Solutions® has developed a patent pending design that incorporates a Xtreme cable as the linkage between the two engines.The SeaStar Kicker Cable Tie Bar has been engineered for easy and secure installation on outboard powered vessels with popular SeaStar hydraulic steering. By using a universal ABYC steering connection on the kicker motor, SeaStar Solutions® has made it simpler than ever for builders, dealers and boaters to rig, operate and steer both motors simultaneously.
-Flexible cable allows for adjustable locations of kicker motor
-Allows independent trim/tilt of both engines
-Allows full steering stroke of both engines
-Simplified installation using universal ABYC steering connection (as per ABYC P17 & P21 standards) on kicker motor
-Retrofittable to SeaStar Front Mount Cylinders
-Incorporates unique patented TFXtreme cable technology