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SeaStar Outboard  
SeaStar Outboard  (Tandem Catamaran)

SeaStar Outboard (Tandem Catamaran)

Ideal for outboard-powered catamarans and pontoon boats with dual non-power-assisted outboard engines up to 450 HP (600 combined HP for counter-rotating duals) that have ABYC standard engine tilt tubes. These systems are suitable for speeds up to 75 MPH and dual station use as noted (with purchase of extra helm, hose & fittings). All systems allow for independent engine tilt.
-Patented steering lock valves
-Low friction hydraulic steering system
-Configurations to suit nearly any boat
-Compact helm has only a 4-7/16" footprint needs only 3" dash hole (Tilt requires larger hole)
-Standard 3/4" tapered steering shaft
-Fast, easy installation
-Meets A.B.Y.C. standards and N.M.M.A. certification requirements