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  Power Assisted Steering

SeaStar Power Purge Jr  
SeaStar Power Purge Jr 
SeaStar Power Purge Jr
The EASY way to 100% purge air out of BayStar and SeaStar hydraulic steering systems.
The Power Purge Jr. reduces installation and warranty costs while enhancing the quality of the
boat to the end user. A typical manual fill and purge takes the average experienced installer or service
technician about 30 minutes per boat — by using the Power Purge Jr. this can be reduced to 10
minutes or less.
-Steering feel is solid every time
-100% portable
-Powered by 12v battery
-Fast and efficient set up
-Quick connect fittings
-Easy to operate
-Filter screens help keep contamination out of your steering system
-Complete Fill & Purge in 10 minutes or less
-Optional Dual Cylinder Purging Kit HA5461 available

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