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MJB Flush Mount  
MJB Flush Mount  (CH2500P)
MJB Flush Mount
Single function, two lever control ideal for sailboats, inboards and sterndrives with hard to shift transmissions. also ideal for jet boats. Extra long shift handle provides ample leverage while the shorter handle controls the throttle. Uses 3300/33c type cables for throttle and 6400/64 type cables for shift. For single station use only.  MJB can only use 60 series cable for shift.
-Rugged design with classical styling and construction
-Separate throttle and shift handles
-Accepts 3300/33c cable for throttle and 6400/64 cables for shift
-Durable heavy chrome finish
-External throttle friction adjustment
-Detent for positive neutral feel
-Right hand, left hand or vertical installation
-Mechanical advantage: Shift 3.63:1, Throttle 3.20:1
-Meets/exceeds all applicable industry standards
-Designed for hard to shift older transmissions