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Atlantic 2500  
Atlantic 2500  (VR/VRC2500)

Atlantic VR/VRC 2500


Model VR2500 VRC2500
Vessel Length 14 - 20m (45 - 64ft) 14 - 20m (45 - 64ft)


-Rope chain combination gypsy for rope and chain combination or chain only

-Quick release integrated swivel chain pipe cover

-Gypsy with capstan (VRC) or gypsy with low profile clutch top arrangement (VR)

-Heavy duty marine grade, dual direction motor in 12V & 24V DC, Hydraulic & AC

-Polished stainless steel components

-Independent gypsy and capstan operation

-Capstan models feature heavy duty knurled finish for increased grip

-Self-aligning gearbox/adaptor

-Stainless steel shaft

-Cone clutch/brake

-Stainless steel mounting bolts

-Shaft seal

-Lubricating grease nipple

-Clutch release handle

-Rope Chain Management System (RCMS)

-Installation/Operation booklet

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