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Gulper 220 Bilge/Shower/Waste Pump  
Gulper 220 Bilge/Shower/Waste Pump  (BP1552)
Gulper 220 Bilge/Shower/Waste Pump
-Pumps waste water with a solid content typical of shower waste
-Non-chokes valves
-Self-priming up to 3 mtrs (10 ft)
-Can run dry without damage
-Can pump air / water mixtures
-Robust, reliable design
-Pumps up to 14 ltrs (3.7 US gals) per minute at open flow
-19mm (3/4”) hose connection
-No filter required
-Quiet running
-Multi directional head allows the pump to be mounted in the most convenient part of the boat
-Low power consumption

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