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Gulper Grouper  
Gulper Grouper  (Fishbox Discharge Pump)

Gulper Grouper(Fishbox Discharge Pump)   
Pump Specifically Design To Pump Out Fishbox, Livewell, and Baitwell Waste
- No impeller to clog or burn
- Non-chokes valves
- Can run dry without damage
- Can pump air / water mixtures
- Single pump for multiple wells
- Heavy duty single diaphragm
- Easy to maintain and clean
- Pumps up to 25.5 ltrs (6.75 US gals) per minute at open flow
- 25mm (1”) or 38mm (1-1/2”) hose connection
- Low power consumption
- Multi directional head allows the pump to be mounted in the most convenient part of the baitwell

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