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Quiet Flush Electric Toilets  
Quiet Flush Electric Toilets 

Quiet Flush Electric Toilets

Quiet Flush Toilets are a variation of the well proven and popular 37010 Series Electric Toilet. Designed to radically reduce noise levels, Quiet Flush Toilets make life on board more comfortable for all crew members. 2 versions are available, either for connection to the vessels existing pressurized water system or supplied with a remote mounted pump to use salt, river or lake water to flush.
-Baked enamel seat & cover
-Very quiet flush cycle, like a household toilet
-High capacity waste macerator and bowl discharge pump
-White vitreous china bowl available in compact or comfortable household size
-Single button flush actuator - with dual function water level control switch
-Can be plumbed to any pressurized water system that can provide a 3-1/2 GPM (13.5 LPM) flow rate
-Water control solenoid valve with anti-siphon breaker to prevent contamination of potable water supply

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