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  Mechanical Controls Dual Function

700 TD / TDT / TDL  
700 TD / TDT / TDL  (International Only)
700 TD / TDT / TDL (International)
Top mount twin lever control suitable for power boats with single engines (single action version) or twin engine (dual action version) and one or two helm stations. More than 1 million sold worldwide. Available with trim and tilt and/or neutral interlock.
-Top mounted single or twin engine control
-Single action or dual action options
-Available with power trim (700 TDT) or neutral lever interlock (700 TDL).
-“Start-in-gear protection” Safety Switch, optional
-Standard control suits 33C type cables
-Neutral “warm up” button for throttle only operation
-Can be used in a dual station application with the DS unit and XTREME control cables