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Cristec RCE Electronic Battery Isolators  
Cristec RCE Electronic Battery Isolators 

Cristec RCE Electronic Battery Isolators

The electronic battery isolators (MOS transistors) prevent the current from flowing from one battery set to another & allow to automatically direct the current of charge to the lowest charged battery. As they do not create any voltage drop unlike the usual diode splitters, the efficiency of the charge circuit is improved.Easy to connect, they automatically fit to the 12 or 24Vdc input power supply voltage.
-MOSFET type
-Natural Cooling
-Operating temperature of -40°C/+85°C
-To a complete and fast charge of 2 or 3 battery sets
-Operating indicator (alternator output voltage presence)
-Integrated ignition alternator terminal (Except model RCE/100-2E-3)
-Standards : EN 50081-1 (Emission), EN 50082-1 (Immunity), EN 60950-1 (Safety)
-Operating in 12V or 24V from any energy source : alternator, eolienne, solar-panel, battery charger, etc. 
-Connection : + battery on threaded rods, - battery on Faston terminal at minus common (reference)