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Cristec CPS3 Battery Charger  
Cristec CPS3 Battery Charger 

Cristec CPS3 Battery Charger

Cristec chargers feature a 3-stage charge cycle with timed boost facility.  Fully automatic, they can remain permanently connected, with 2 or 3 battery banks being simultaneously charged. 1 output is dedicated to the engine start battery and delivers a slightly lower voltage to prolong battery life. Cristec's CPS3 12V, 24V and 48V range of Battery Chargers are designed for marine use with circuitry protected by a special varnish coating and on most chargers waterproof cable glands.


-Reinforced protection
-Optimal ergonomics allows easy installation
-Front panel indicators for easy reading
-Multiple outputs allows charging of 3 batteries simultaneously
-Choice in charging curve for safety & freedom
-Choose your battery type: Made-to-measure battery charging
-Universal AC powering for worldwide use
-Optional connection for external battery temperature sensor enables optimization of battery charging and/or a digital display unit to check battery state

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